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Luxury Deerskin Gloves
These gloves are the height of luxury. Created from soft yet robust deerskin they have been hand stitched in the classic style to provide a quality product. We sell these gloves in either a rich tan deerskin or a black deerskin. You may purchase these gloves in an unlined condition which makes for excellent driving gloves. You may also request for them to be lined with either cashmere or silk depending upon how you intend to utilize them. The cashmere within the deerskin provides a very warm and comfortable glove while the silk lining helps facilitate the breathable quality of the deerskin when worn.

An easy way to check your size for a pair of gloves is as follows: wrap a tape measure round your hand, excluding the thumb. The length in inches is your glove size. Do not pull the tape tightly round your hand but think about the type of comfort level you expect in a glove, especially if you are requesting a lining for them as well.

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